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Flounder Fishing Alabama

Alabama Flounder Fishing Tips

Flounders First Impression
Alabama Flounder Guide Captain Ronnie Black and his How to catch flounder tips! The slow sometimes gentle bite of a  Alabama flounder gives most anglers a first impression of bait fish nibbling on their bait.  Most fisherman will tend get excited,to quickly set their hook and fail to catch flounder. My number one floundering tip is just before your ready to lightly set your hook, complete a count down from 8, take the slack out of your fishing line and give it a preset gentile tug and reel. Also this type of bite will fool anglers into thinking its just small baitfish taking the baits and leave a really good opportunity to catch flounder. Flounder will strike their bait and chew. You may feel the flounders every chew, light to moderate lugs on your fishing rod. Take your time and do your count down from 8 or maybe even longer depending what your feeling from your rod tip. This allows the flounder ample time to chew and swallow the bait. If I am using 4 to 5 inch finger mullet fishing the oil rigs in 40 foot of water, I will give the flounder about a 15 count or more. If I am fishing flounder with bull minnow's in Mobile Bay, I will tend to do less of a count down due to size of baits being used. Just give the flounder time to chew then swallow and you will be landing more flounder.

Landing your Alabama Flounder Tip
Use a net to get your flounder safely aboard. Flounder a lot of times will not put up a fight once hooked. Most anglers don't even realize they have a flounder hooked until the fish breaks the top of the water. Watch out, this is when the flounder and especially a doormat flounder will come alive. Keep your rod tip up with steady constant pressure on your rod and hope your drag is set right. When netting your fish always dip net head first on the flounder. Going to the tail end of the flounder can trigger the fight and cause the flounder to throw the hook.

Where to Target and Catch
 Alabama Flounder

Alabama flounder thrive off the beaches, back bays and rivers surrounding Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Fort Morgan and Dolphin Island waterways.

During the fall adult flounder will migrate from the Alabama rivers and bays to deeper waters in the Gulf of Mexico to spawn. Target flounder on the down current side of bullheads, pier piles, rock jetties, oyster reef areas, oil rig platforms, sand bars and mud bottoms.
Alabama Flounder
 Some of my favorite flounder fishing spots consist of Bridge Colom's, bulk heads, rock jetties, sand bars and river inlets. I target flounder at the Perdido Pass Bridge, Alabama Point bulk heads and rock jetties, Orange Beach Express Toll Bridge, Gulf Shores Bridge, Mobile Bay Causeway Bridge and the Dolphin Island bridge. The Oil Platforms in Mobile Bay also draw flounder in large numbers at times. I will target bottom breaks or drop off areas along the sandbars during a falling tide. I have noticed on strong currents the flounder will hold tight to structure, ambushing their prey and maybe using the structure as cover from the strong currents.  Fish the down current side of  these structure and as close as possible when currents are running fast. Do not be afraid to add the weight your flounder rig needs to get on bottom and stay in the strike zone next to the structure your fishing. If the currents are slow cast and cover a much larger area behind the structure. As the water temperatures start to decline in Mobile Bay during the fall, the adult flounder will slowly migrate south. Male flounder are known to depart before the females. Water temps below 60 degrees triggers the flounder migration. The same happens in Wolf Bay, Perdido Bay and surrounding rivers the flounder will migrate threw the Perdido Pass at Alabama Point and into the Gulf of Mexico.  As the water temperatures start to rise in the spring flounder will migrate back to the Alabama passes, bays and rivers where they will live threw the summer months. Smaller juvenile flounder under 2 years of age can still be caught during the winter months.  

Tip for Flounder Fishing on Sand Bars

When flounder fishing shallow sand bars, look for flounder tracks. Flounder will leave  their beds and they are very noticeable when fresh left. If your seeing empty beds and its low tide, be back at that location during hight tide. The fish may be back and bed for the next falling tide to ambush their prey.

Target Sandbar drops & Ledges

Flounder are ambush hunters as they lye and wait for their prey flat on the bottoms. Look for 6 to 2 foot drops or ledges on sandbars and mud bottoms where currents are flowing delivering the prey to the flounder. The flounder will strike from underside of bait as it flows over the drop off of ledge.

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